Charlie Bubb NEW WBC World Champion! MTL 10 // EVENT RECAP

Brad Scott Photogaphy / Muay Thai League

SOPO Southport on the Gold Coast emerged as the epicenter of Muay Thai fervor during Muay Thai League 10, featuring two highly anticipated WBC Muay Thai World Title bouts as its centerpiece.

In a captivating display, Charlie Bubb from Orange, NSW, stole the spotlight with a commanding performance, clinching the esteemed WBC World Light Heavyweight Title. His victory came via doctor stoppage at the end of Round 3 due to a severe cut above the eye of his opponent, Sweden’s Marcus Liljedorff.

Meanwhile, Brandon “Dynamite” Spain continued his ascent through the ranks of the WBC World Rankings with a resounding victory over Morocco’s Boulahri Hicham, ranked #16 globally, sealing the deal with a knockout in the third round.

Australia’s Super Lightweight Queen, Zoe “My Way” Putorak, successfully defended her WBC World Title against New Zealand’s Kaitlyn Tucker, securing a unanimous points decision and solidifying her reign atop the division.

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Muay Thai League 10: Results 

  • Charlie Bubb defeated Marcus Sundin Liljedorff
  • Brandon Spain defeated Boulahri Hicham
  • Zoe Putorak defeated Kaitlyn Tucker
  • Brad Davies defeated Isaac Papalii
  • Lekka Chanson defeated Nathan Jones
  • Lucille defeated Kaitlyn Vance
  • Logan Burgess defeated Matt Diesel
  • Katie Mitchell defeated Erin Carter
  • Supanut defeated Olly Wright
  • Dallas George defeated Eli MacDonald
  • Kalila Zylstra defeated Elisha Pettit
  • Bronson Mciver defeated Eli Burke

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