RWS Muay Thai x Aus Muay Thai Exclusive Partnership

RWS Muay Thai x Aus Muay Thai

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Aus MuayThai and the RWS: Rajadamnern World Series

As part of this collaboration, Aus MuayThai will become an exclusive media partner for RWS, bringing the fans of Australia the latest and breaking news regarding Australian fighters competing in the Rajadamnern World Series at Rajadamnern Stadium.

RWS identifies the growth of MuayThai and the emergence of new talent coming out of Australia. This partnership aims to highlight the next potential stars of the sport to compete in the new era of Muay Thai at RWS

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive content as Aus MuayThai and RWS work together to bring you closer to the action and the athletes shaping the future of Australian Muay Thai.

For more information on RWS: Rajadamnern World Series

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